Estate Planning

If given the choice, most people would rather plan their weekly fantasy football lineup or formulate vacation plans rather than take the time to decide who will inherit their assets after they’re gone. This can be an uncomfortable topic given that it requires you to consider life for others after you’re gone. However, the benefits of preparing an estate plan are substantial and include mitigating potential estate taxes, reducing cost associated with passing your property to your beneficiaries, and maintaining privacy as it relates to your property and its disposition. For families with minor children, an estate plan includes the appointment of a guardian to care for the child in the event both parents die before the child is age 18.

Without these types of plans, you leave the fate of your estate, including property and minor children in the hands of state courts, lawyers, and other individuals whose interest and values may not align with your wishes.

Estate Planning service includes:

  • Discussing the importance of a will
  • Selecting Executors
  • Designating beneficiaries
  • Create Powers of Attorney (POA)
  • Review strategies to protect your estate and distribute your assets/legacy in the most efficient manner possible.