MILES Brown Asset Management, LLC provides investment portfolio management and financial planning services with a focus on dividend growth and tax efficient retirement income.

The work we do is enshrined in the doctrine of a fiduciary duty owed to our clients, and rooted in values of transparency, integrity, and collaboration.

By serving as a trusted, strategic partner, clients are free to focus on the issues they care most about.


Managing your investments so you can live your life.

In managing capital for our clients we seek to differentiate ourselves as investment partners by establishing and nurturing meaningful relationships.

This difference enables us to deliver solutions across a wide range of markets and develop custom investment opportunities without the inherent conflicts of interest that proliferate within most advisor/client interactions.  Our deep connection with the families we serve extends through advisory services and strategies for managing their lives, philanthropy, and legacy.

We have only one requirement of the clients we work with:

You are a long-term, goal-focused client looking for a TRUSTED financial professional to delegate both your financial planning and investment management responsibilities.

Our Commitment To The Clients We Serve

Establish a common sense of purpose with our clients characterized by a thorough understanding of their expectations, constraints and aspirations.

A fair and simple fee structure.

Prompt and clear spoken communication regarding: Portfolio construction and investment selection, Monitoring of investments and general inquiries and outreach.

A commitment to continuing our education and understanding global markets, tax policies and financial concepts that are pertinent to delivering excellent advice.

An uncompromising standard of client service.


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Financial Confidence

Whether it’s creating reliable retirement income, owning your own home, or funding your children’s education, a financial plan is considered vital in working towards your goals.


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Estate Planning

If given the choice, most people would rather plan their weekly fantasy football lineup or formulate vacation plans rather than take the time to decide who will inherit their assets after they’re gone.

Divorce Planning

Setting aside the emotional impact, once a marriage has broken down and a decision is made by one or both parties to divorce, the financial ramifications can be substantial. Identifying your interests in accumulated property is central to an equitable and just disposition of marital property.

Retirement Income Planning

The essential retirement question is whether you will outlive your income. For you to outlive your income, your income must grow at least as much as the cost-of-living increases.

Asset Management

Asset management has been described as the practice of increasing a family’s wealth over time by acquiring and maintaining investments that have the potential to grow in value. Asset Management service is all about helping you manage YOUR financial assets using a prudent and conscientious approach.

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